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ACRO-BESSOU! the Mini-Park with free access



The Mont Bessou's Mini Park completed. Inauguration planned for spring!

Project launched in 2018, in partnership with the Groupement Syndical Forestier du Mont Bessou and the Municipality of Meymac. Today, the mini acrobatic park is accessible to everyone, all year round, under their own responsibility (parents for minors). Inauguration planned for Spring 2021!
Acro Bessou is a fun space, with free access, made up of 9 fixed and sliding workshops (zip line on Touline ball, footbridge, barrel, seesaw bridge, nets, etc.), less than 1 meter from the ground with a layer of wooden chips to cushion any falls. A challenge is offered at each workshop to enhance the course. No need for specific equipment, just a pair of shoes & a smile! This new playground aims to make the Mont Bessou site even more attractive, both for locals and vacationers (in continuation of the Ronde du Mont Bessou VTT carried out in 2019). You will benefit from this equipment while enjoying the magnificent view of the Monts d'Auvergne with the possibility of picnicking on site & mixing this activity with mountain biking.
The construction was carried out in collaboration with local companies (the Feuillade sawmill in Saint Rémy, Sofid in Meymac, MP Design in Saint Angel, Au Fil des Nœuds).
Sports Nature Haute-Corrèze realizes its desire to diversify its activity thanks to its numerous skills, offering in addition to the supervision of outdoor activities, the construction of sports equipment in the region. Other projects are underway for the years to come to continue to develop the attractiveness of Haute-Corrèze.
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