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Land-based activities


A fun activity to practice with the family, for 7 years-olds and above, in the calm of the Diège Castle park in Ussel or on the move to the location of your choice, in particular at the Sèchemailles Lake shooting range in Meymac.


The blowpipe is suitable for all types of public, indoors or outdoors, from the age of 4.
For this activity, your breath will be your best asset!

Required equipments : headgear, water


MTB & E-MTB (with electric assistance)

The mountain bike activity is offered, independently, with equipment rental (in Meymac in the summer & Ussel all year round) or supervised by a sports instructor, to let yourself be guided and fully enjoy the landscapes of Haute-Corrèze from the age of 8 years old.
Our e-MTBs are only available for rental (in Meymac in the summer & Ussel all year round) for people measuring 1m50 and over.

Required equipments : closed shoes, water


Required equipments : shoes, headgear, water, sunscreen


This activity is aimed at all ages, outdoor game enthusiasts and lovers of green spaces. More technically accessible than Golf, Swin Golf allows immediate access to the course after a quick initiation!


Disc Golf/Ultimate

A fun activity to practice with the family, from 7 years old, like Swin-Golf, this nature sport borrows the codes of golf but with a "Freesby" as a medium.
It is also possible to set up with this equipment a team sport (ultimate) which will pit two teams against each other on a field comprising two camps.

Required equipments : sports shoes, water


Required equipments : sports shoes, water

The Corrézienne forests become lands of adventure where we look for beacons. Everyone at their own pace, with family or friends, it's the ideal way to learn how to use a map. Treasure hunts can be organized to make the activity even more attractive for little ones.

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