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Activities at height


Acrobatic park: Diège Aventures

Enjoy a family course (in Mestes) suitable for all levels in a peaceful location bordering the Diège, 10 minutes from Ussel, 20 minutes from Meymac and Neuvic. Monkey bridges, tarzan jumps and other zip lines will offer you thrills in complete safety thanks to the continuous lifeline which will prevent any accidental unhooking!

Required equipment: closed shoes, pants recommended, t-shirt, water


Required equipment: closed shoes, pants recommended, t-shirt, water

tree climb
Come and try this nature activity par excellence! This will involve climbing a living plant, using a set of pruning and climbing techniques. You can use branches or other elements arranged for the occasion as climbing aids! !

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Test your agility, your physical and mental limits in complete safety and in all weather indoors, outdoors on an artificial structure when the weather conditions permit, from 6 years old.


Several levels of difficulty are offered allowing you to progress at your own pace.

Required equipment: pants recommended, t-shirt, water


It is a high acrobatic course installed at a low height guaranteeing optimal safety, children will be able to progress under supervision on various workshops inspired by our Parc Diège Aventures .
Ideal for groups or village festivals. This installation will delight little budding squirrels!
In the same principle, you can discover our Accro-Bessou playground (Mont Bessou in Meymac) for free. The mini park is made up of several workshops & accessible all year round for both young and old!

Required equipment: closed shoes, water


Slack line

Here is a discipline that will appeal to your balance and concentration, the slack line
is a flat strap stretched between two points, on which you will have to move or even perform jumps on the jump-line if you feel like it! .

Required equipment: t-shirt, water


Required equipment: closed shoes, water

The thrilling activity par excellence, the zipline is sure to please all adrenaline junkies! Perfect for hosting a village festival or a campsite, we can install it for the day above the ground or above a water point for summer activities.

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